"Tim was a great help with the whole process of buying our Home. He was very knowledgeable of the process and quick to respond with any questions we had and we had a lot. We are so grateful for everything he did for us and as a result we now have our very first Home. We look forward to working with him again in the future whether it is another purchase or possibly a sale. Regards, Pearl and Nick"

Nick and Pearl, Wellington

"We recently sold our house in Karori with Lucy Clements. From the very start, Lucy's professionalism and attention to detail stood out.  She was incredibly responsive, and made things as easy as possible for us at every stage of the process. She was always willing to go the extra mile to assist us and made things stress-free.  Lucy's clear strategy and knowledge of the local market was invaluable and we were thrilled with the result we got."

Kath, Wellington

"Hi Charles. I just wanted to write and thank you very much for your part in the buying and selling process – you were excellent.  Anyone can be average or just good enough but you and Just Paterson raise the bar on the competition.  Right from the start Paula and I felt that we needed an experienced and capable real estate company and in JP that's exactly what we got.  We will be sure to recommend you and the team in the knowledge that JP provides an unparalleled level of service and professionalism. At your next team meeting could I ask that you pass on our sincere thanks. PS. The Verve Clicquot and Nosh dinner for six were very much icing on the cake!  Thank you."

Andrew, Wellington

"Just Paterson has just completed the successful sale of our house and I would like to express my thanks to the team of Marcia, Ian & Kate and offer our unreserved recommendation of their services to others.  From the start they made a very good impression when we were making a choice of agent to act on our behalf.  Marcia, Ian & Kate listened carefully to what we told them about our house, we had open discussions on marketing and pricing strategies and they presented us with a comprehensive selling proposal.  The quality that impressed us most was that the JP team backed their marketing skills and negotiating ability.  Once we entered the advertising, open home and viewing phase Marcia took the lead role.  Our house was tenanted during the time of marketing, for open homes and viewings.  The tenants imposed a number of restrictions on access and viewing timings and Marcia managed a difficult situation very well.  She provided regular and excellent feedback throughout, and when an offer was presented Marcia offered very sound advice and her negotiating skills proved invaluable."

Mike, Khandallah, Wellington

"Hi Ian and Marcia.  Firstly I would like to thank you both very much for the wonderful job you carried out in selling my property.  Right from the beginning I felt very comfortable and at ease with you both and had every confidence that you would do the best for me, you didn't fail me.  I am absolutely delighted with the final outcome and I have to admit it exceeded my expectations, ..... Your advice and support right through the whole process from CCC issues, building report etc etc was fantastic and very much appreciated, I never felt left in the dark or uninformed so thank you both very much for that and all the time you gave me.  ...... I will have no hesitation in recommending Just Paterson to any would be sellers.  Thank you again for everything.  Best wishes."

Sally, Karori, Wellington

"In November, 2015, we bought a waterfront home at 228 Marine Drive, Lowry Bay by the Tender process.  Debbie Curran was the appointed agent for this property and we were very impressed with her honesty and professionalism and as a result we appointed Debbie as our agent to market our property at 303 Marine Drive, York Bay.  This was sold in 10 days.  If you are thinking of buying or selling we would recommend Debbie, of Just Paterson Real Estate as very good people to ‘work with."

John, Lowry Bay

“Dear Caroline. Tony and I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your efforts selling our apartment!!  To have it listed and sold within 7 days of going to the market is testament to the sales strategy you recommended, and the quality advice you provided us, all of which helped our decision to sign with you in the first place.  We truly appreciated how you made us feel about our apartment, giving us the confidence that you could reach the price we’d settled on.  And then when we met Charles and the team, who shared your confidence and enthusiasm for our home, we knew we were in the best hands.  We’ve bought and sold here two times before with two different companies.  I want you to know why we chose to sell with you, as your approach made all the difference:   1) You were genuinely enthusiastic about our home.  You can’t fake genuine enthusiasm and you had it in spades!  2) \You truly cared about why we were selling, and understood it was a truly difficult decision for us.  We were greatly impressed by your understanding, care and consideration and can’t thank you enough for your support over the 7 days we were on!  As above, you can’t fake it!  3) Your sales strategy made complete sense, you clearly articulated the pros and cons of each approach available and why you recommended the strategy you’d selected for us.  You’re the first agent to have done that for us – and then held firm!  4) You understood what it would take to sell an apartment vs a house.  We’ve lost sales before because the agent didn’t get the difference.  You rocked it!  Thank you!  5) We loved how you presented our property through your marketing material.  Having us write about our home for potential buyers to read…. well, genius!  What a simple, yet powerful marketing tool. In fact, when I took Tony through the marketing approach you presented to me, this was the clincher for him.  6) You remained calm and supportive when we were stressing!  Thank you for your understanding and patience when I was losing it! “Keep calm and carry on” should be on the back of your business cards!  I’d heard Just Paterson was a great company, and the right one to sell our home.  I can tell you Caroline, you not only supported what we heard, you hit it out of the ballpark and exceeded our expectations.  You walk the talk – and personify the brand.  We were very lucky to have you!  You’ll be selling our next house - and we’ve already been raving about you to our friends!  All the best and thank you again!”

Amelia, Tony and Tasman, Wellington

"Buying and selling houses has never been at the top of our most loved things to do. Fraught with uncertainty, stress and all those expenses, up-to to now it has been an experience we’ve tended to banish to that "lets not dwell on this" department of our brains.  However, in the period of just over 3 months we have bought our new dream home and sold our much beloved old one and on both occasions this has been with Tania and Paula. Throughout the entire period they have operated with such professionalism, transparency, knowledgeability and friendliness that we can honestly say that they made the process, at all times, as painless, straightforward an experience as is possible. We can’t recommend them enough." 

Adam & Sorelle

"For over a year we have been trying to sell my apartment with various approaches. We had so many hiccups and false starts along the way that the whole experience had led us close to given up. It was only after we saw that Kim had sold a house in our street within nanoseconds, we thought we would give it one last crack. From the initial apartment consultation, we knew that Kim was the right fit for us. She was utterly charming, highly motivated and very knowledgeable about the Eastbourne housing market. Starting on day one she led the sales process, always so professional, responsive, and positive with every interaction. For the first time in a long while, we started to gain confidence that she would get the job done. However, not in our wildest dreams did we ever expect my apartment to sell within 3 weeks of her initial listing. So what I have learnt from this entire experience is that when you have the right person, with the right attitude and skill set on your team, anything is possible.  Thank you Kim Slessor and Just Paterson, we are forever grateful."

Cheree (Vendor)

"Chris Chan proved to be an exceptional real estate agent who showed great capacity for listening to our requirements and preferences, arranging timely viewings when we were under time constraints, and responding promptly to our every enquiry. We were impressed with how she quietly kept in touch with us even when we were looking at properties with other agents and how she encouraged us to pursue our preferred property. Her quiet and sensitive demeanour and objective advice helped to establish a level of trust between us. We regard her as perhaps the best real estate agent we have ever dealt with." 

Anthony and Paul, Oriental Bay, Wellington